Deer Proofing & Fencing Your Garden or Landscape


Did you know that deer can jump 8 feet high? Deer proofing your garden or landscape can be challenging at times, but a little effort will go a long way. The ultimate goal is to keep them from munching on your plants. There are 3 routes that you can take:

1) Plant greens that deer dislike
2) Build a fence to protect your garden
3) Make the deer lose interest in your plants

Planting greens that deer ignore, is beneficial if you are in the planning stages of your garden or re-doing some landscaping. Many forms of perennials, annuals and flowering shrubs are deer-resistant. Plants that deer dislike include Yarrow, a beautiful red flower, purple Campanula with star-shaped blossoms and Coneflowers of all colors. Perennials are often the favorite because they return year after year, making them a smart investment.

If your garden or landscape is already planted, fencing is the most effective method to keep deer out of your yard. The safest bet is to install a tall, tightly woven or solid fence, approximately 8 feet high around your yard. The fence should angle away from your garden about 30% and dig into the ground to prevent them from squeezing underneath. While a tall fence is the best method to keep deer off your property, it can also be expensive.

If you have a shorter fence already installed, or can’t afford a tall fence, there are other ways to ‘misdirect’ their attention. If you place succulent plants that deer enjoy eating along the outside of the fence, they may have no interest in jumping into your yard.  Smell can also be a deterrent. Gardeners have experienced success scattering rotten eggs and garlic along the outskirts of their landscaping. Scaring deer with loud, unpredictable noises is another tactic.

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