Fall Gardening: It’s Time to Mulch Again!


Mulching your trees and gardens in the fall can help your plants remain healthy throughout the winter, prevent weeds from growing and provide many environmental benefits. At Finishing Touch Landscaping, we have put together a simple guide to mulching below:

When to Mulch

Mulching can be done at any time of year, most typically in the spring and fall. In warmer weather, the main purpose of mulching is to prevent weeds and improve landscaping aesthetics.  In the fall, mulching protects plants from harsh winter conditions. The freezing and thawing phenomenon of winter can force a plant’s roots upwards, exposing it to the cold air.  If the soil is covered with mulch the plant will have an additional layer of protection, therefore mulching or re-mulching in the fall is very important.

Benefits of Mulching

Mulching is an inexpensive product that provides many benefits for your landscape and the environment. With just a little effort mulching your property can:

  • Stabilize plant roots throughout the winter
  • Deter weeds
  • Provide food for plants (once it breaks down)
  • Help prevent soil compaction
  • Help prevent soil erosion
  • Help prevent pollution runoff

How to Mulch

The best method for mulching is to spread a thin layer about 2-3 inches thick over the soil in your garden and around the base of your trees . Try not to use too much mulch because if it becomes too heavy it can suffocate your plants. Take care to avoid the base of your plants, keeping the mulch about 1-2 inches away. If you are re-mulching, remove the old mulch before applying the new mulch for best results.

Mulching Professionals

Some prefer to mulch themselves, but many choose to hire help. Whether it’s because you have an extensive property, a fast-paced lifestyle or trouble lifting heavy objects, at Finishing Touch Landscaping we would be happy to provide you with mulching services.

For more information about mulching, click here. If you have any questions or need the help of an expert, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have been landscaping for over 30 years!