Gazebos, Arbors & Trellises

Arbor in Mountain Lakes
Arbor Installed in the town of Mountain Lakes

If you would like your landscape to have a more luxurious feel, look beyond adding more trees, plants and flowers. Consider livening up the space with a gazebo, arbor or trellis. These small additions to your landscape can add a great deal of character.

A gazebo is a charming roofed structure made out of wood or brick that is open on all sides. Gazebos make a stunning addition to any landscape or garden while providing shade and shelter from the rain. Traditionally gazebos have been strategically placed throughout gardens to highlight a beautiful view and serve as an observation point. Today gazebos are also used as focal points for weddings and more recently, Gazebos have even become a popular addition to hot tubs, providing a more luxurious environment and heightened privacy.

An arbor is a structure made of lattices on which climbing vines and flowers can flourish, providing shade and architectural detail. Arbors can be small and freestanding or large walkways attached to another structure. Arbors are frequently decorated with plants or strings of lights which can add a romantic atmosphere to your garden. The small freestanding arbors are relatively easy to install. Traditionally they were made of wood, brick or stone. Today there are many premade varieties available made of mold resistant plastics.

A trellis is a tall structure made of interwoven wood, metal, plastic or bamboo, that is used to support vines, roses and other climbing plants. Trellises can be large or small and come in a variety of shapes including arches, fan-shapes, pyramids and more. They can be freestanding or be attached to another structure with brackets. Trellises are very easy to add to a garden and can support many different types of plants. Some popular trellise plants include morning glories, ivy, clematis, moonflowers, climbing hydrangeas and more.

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