How to Close Your Pool for Winter


Winterizing your backyard can be an overwhelming task. At Finishing Touch Landscaping we specialize in winterizing properties, with fall clean-up, garden pond and pool closing services. Below we have provided some you with some basic tips below on how to close your pool for winter.          

Step 1: Test the pH Balance

Test your pool’s pH balance for alkalinity, calcium hardness and chlorine and make adjustments as necessary. 

Step 2: Remove Debris

First skim the top of the water with a net to remove any large pieces of debris. Then use a pool vacuum to get the small bits and pieces of debris that remains.

Step 3: Clean the Filter

There are three different types of pool filters which each have a unique cleaning process. There are sand filters, cartridge filters and DE filters. Learn how to properlycleaneachfilter.

Step 4: Disconnect the Pump and the Filter

Before you disconnect them, make sure that the pump is completely drained of water.

Step 5: Drain the Pool Heater

Remove your pool heater and use an air compressor (these can be rented) to blow all of the water completely out of the vacuum. Next, remove any drain plugs from the pool.

Step 6: Add Winterizing Chemicals

Buy some winterizing chemicals, follow the instructions carefully, and then place them into the pool to prevent algae. Before adding the chemicals to the pool make sure that all of the particles have dissolved or the crystals will sink to the bottom of the pool and may stain your liner.

Step 7: Water Levels

While water recommendations may vary, we reduce them only enough to prevent flooding your lawn in the event of a rainy season.

Step 8: Cover the Pool

Take your pool cover out of storage. Make sure that the bottom-side of the pool cover is free from debris before placing it over the pool.


Contactus if you would like any help winterizing your backyard!