How to Design Your Dream Backyard Patio – Part 1


Building a patio can be a simple and affordable way to create outside entertainment space for your home. Whether your space is small or large, designing your backyard patio is an easy process. At Finishing Touch Landscaping we have put together a guide to help you build your dream patio:
Location of the Patio
Most patios are built next to the home and close to the kitchen to make hosting dinners and outdoor barbeque’s more convenient. When choosing a space for your patio some elements to consider are privacy, sunlight (too much or too little), shade, wind and the views offered by your backyard. The best location is not always perfect in every aspect, but there are fixes that can be put into place. For example, we can help you hide unattractive views and eliminate privacy concerns by adding a beautiful screen or some additional landscaping.  Tree branches can be cut down to allow more sunlight, or new trees can be planted to create more shade. Remote patios, are another option. These patios are built away from the home, deeper into the backyard. Most remote patios have outdoor kitchens since it will be far away from the home and less convenient for cooking.

Patio Size
A successful patio can be very large, or small depending on your needs. There are several factors that affect our size recommendations for the patio such as the space available, patio furniture and accessories. If you already have your patio furniture first set it up outside to see how much room you will need.  Then pull the chairs away from the table, to mimic people getting up and sitting down from your table. Ideally a patio would be sized to allow for an additional foot and a half from the pulled out chairs. If you would like a grill on your patio and space for coolers or other accessories, account for that additional space.  For those with a backyard on the smaller side, make sure to keep in mind the amount of grassy space you would like so that the patio doesn’t overwhelm your backyard.

Patio Shape
Patios can be built in various geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, octagons, L-shapes and more, as well as free-form curvy shapes with unconventional designs. The most popular shapes for patios are typically squares and rectangles because they are simple and cost-effective to design. Square and rectangle shapes fit nicely next to the home and are great for entertaining large groups of people.  They also provide an easy focal point for a table, hot tub and other patio accessories. Round patios are another popular choice, in either the full circle or half circle design because the curved edges blend in naturally with the rest of the yard or landscaping. Some of our favorite patio designs are free-form shapes because these are custom-built to fit the home with large, beautiful curves forming unique shapes to create the best entertainment space possible.

Stay tuned for How to Build Your Dream Backyard Patio – Part 2 which provides in-depth coverage of patio materials, design and accessories. If you have any questions or need the help of an expert, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have been landscaping for over 30 years!