It’s Time for Some Spring / Summer Cleaning!


The winter season can leave even the most cared-for gardens and landscapes looking a little messy. We’ve gathered some some tips for getting your greenery back in shape:

1) Replenish Mulch

Replace your mulch if you haven’t done so in a while or spruce it up by filling in any bare patches.  Mulch protects plants from extreme heat and also prevents weeds from growing.

2) Clean Up Potted Plants 

Seeing dead plants on the front porch is not very appealing! Revisit your potted plants, remove the dead plants and old soil, give them a good scrub and then fill with fresh flowers.

3) Garden Bed Maintenance

First dispose of dead foliage and pull out any small weeds that have sprouted.  Next, cleanup the outskirts of the garden bed to create nice, crisp edges along the perimeters. A halfmoonedger is a handy tool for cleaning up the edging.

4) Sharpen Garden Tools

Sharpen and clean your clippers and lawn mower blades for improved plant health. Using dull blades can tear the plants instead of cutting them cleanly.

If you properly clean up your landscaping and gardening now, maintenance throughout the summer and fall will be much easier. At Finishing Touch Landscaping we offer a variety of maintenance services including:

  • Lawn Care & Maintenance
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Landscape Mulching
  • Lawn treatment / Organic Care
  • Deer Proofing / Fencing
  • And more…

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