Organic Lawn Treatments to Keep Your Grass Emerald Green


An emerald green lawn makes your house look more beautiful, put together, and desirable. We’ve put together a 5-step guide for you to have the lushest, greenest lawn on the block using organic methods that are safer for pets and humans alike.

  1. Planting
    The first step towards having a beautiful lawn is planting the right type of grass for your environment. Consider the amount of sun, rain and the nutrients in your soil before selecting a grass seed.
  2. Mowing Habits
    During planting season (the Spring and the Fall) cut your grass on the shorter side, approximately 2 inches tall. During growing season, cut the grass a bit longer, approximately 3 inches high. The extra shade helps prevent weeds from sprouting and holds in the moisture which is especially important in hot weather. Keeping the lawn mower blade sharp is another form of maintenance that can make a difference in the health of your lawn. Over time dull blades rip out the grass instead of cutting them cleanly. 
  3. Nutrients
    Purchase organic fertilizer to spread over your lawn. Organic fertilizers may consist of decaying plant matter, rotten food, animal manure or other matter. Once the fertilizer has been applied to the grass, turn your sprinklers on. The water will help the nutrients soak deep into the roots.
  4. Weed Control
    If you notice any weeds sprouting up, remove them when they are still small. Add mulch around your garden and trees to discourage weed growth and tend to bare patches on your lawn, which provides a prime opportunity for weeds to take root.
  5. Watering
    Proper hydration is one of the most important parts of having a lush, emerald green lawn. In the hot weather grass needs about 2 inches of water per week which we recommend spreading out over several deep watering sessions. If there is a period of extreme heat, turning the water on for a few minutes each day to cool off the grass will keep your lawn looking fresh.

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