Outdoor Living Spaces: Cooking & Entertaining


One of the fastest growing trends in backyard upgrades this Summer is outdoor kitchens.  Which makes sense considering that barbeques and dinners on the patio are some of the most relaxing and enjoyable parts of Summer. At Finishing Touch Landscaping we can customize an outdoor kitchen experience complete with a working refrigerator, sink and plenty of counter space to make entertaining for parties more convenient and stylish.

Outdoor Living Space with Kitchen and Grill

What are the benefits of outdoor kitchens?

Running in and out of the house, from the kitchen to the grill, is tiresome and leaves you with less time to spend with family and guests.  Often times, the host of a party is so busy running around that they barely get to participate in the fun!  With stainless steel appliances and a variety of beautiful stones to choose from, there are unlimited possibilities for designing an outdoor kitchen that can take your Summer entertainment to the next level.

Choosing Kitchen Features

The most important part of an outdoor kitchen is the grill. Whether you prefer a charcoal, gas or electrical grill, there are many different options available. We can help you navigate the selection of outdoor kitchen appliances to find a grill that is excellent for cooking, but also the right size and look for each custom outdoor kitchen. We recommend weather resistant stainless steel appliances for maximum durability.

While the main components of an outdoor kitchen are the grill, sink and refrigerator, there are also amazing extras that can be added to an outdoor kitchen as well. We can include an outdoor pizza oven, ice maker, built-in fireplace and even a television. With all of these appliances, it is important that the outdoor kitchen is carefully situated in order to connect to a home’s existing electrical, plumbing or gas lines.  Adding additional lines is unnecessary and extremely costly.

For more information about outdoor kitchens, click here. If you have any questions or need the help of an expert, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have been landscaping for over 30 years!

Outdoor Living Space with Fireplace
Outdoor Living Space with Fireplace, Wall and Patio