Professional Holiday Lighting & Decor for Businesses


Since 1986 we have been designing stunning holiday displays for businesses and events through our franchise ChristmasDecorInc. Our holiday experts can create dazzling custom light installations and decor for shopping malls, hotels, small businesses, events and more. The holiday designs evolve each year, as we strive to offer unique displays that balance classic holiday decor with the season’s latest trends.

Holiday Revenue

The holiday season drives a tremendous amount of revenue for businesses during the year. Magnificent light installations and holiday decorations will draw attention to your business, bringing more traffic to your location. Having professional holiday decor not only puts customers in the mood to shop and but enhances the overall customer experience as well. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to maximize your revenue! 

Efficient Installatio

At Christmas Decor Inc. we provide our clients with top-notch service from the start to finish of the holiday season. The light installations and decorations are installed in an organized, professional manner using only premium quality decor. Our attentive service includes in-season maintenance as well as quick post-season removal at a time that is convenient for you.

Exceptional Quality

At Christmas Decor Inc., our quality is impeccable. All of the products we use are of exceptional value and our employees are expertly trained for installation. We take pride in having:

  • Stringent electrical safety measures
  • Energy efficient lights
  • Lights can withstand extreme winter weather
  • Meticulous installation techniques
  • Courteous and highly trained crews
  • Attentive and convenient service

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about holiday decorations! ContactChristmasDecorInc., for information about holiday decor and light installations. Our holiday displays will accentuate the unique landscaping of your business to create an enchanting atmosphere. Let your business shine!