Retaining Walls 101


A retaining wall, is a structure designed to hold back the earth and resist the pressure of steep hills or loose rocks. A multifunctional landscaping tool, retaining walls create additional usable space, drain water and prevent erosion.  At Finishing Touch Landscaping we can build them in an array of styles to not only add functionality to the property, but to enhance the landscaping aesthetics as well. Read below to learn the 3 major functions of retaining walls:

Creates Additional Usable Space
Retaining walls are very common in homes with a slope in the backyard.  The land at the foot of the hill can be leveled out to create a patio or a pool while the retaining wall ‘holds back’ the soil.  In the picture below, a retaining wall was built at the bottom of a slope to create additional entertainment space with a stone patio. The retaining wall also highlights the flowers planted around the wall adding to the aesthetics of the backyard.

Retaining Wall
Retaining Wall in Mountain Lakes NJ

Drains Water
In addition to creating extra usable space, retaining walls help drain water away from your home to prevent flooding. Drains can be installed within and behind the retaining walls to control water flow, guiding the unwanted water to a nearby riverbed or drywell. Building a drainage system within the retaining wall also helps to extend the life of the retaining wall because this reduces water pressure on the structure.

Prevents Erosion

Erosion is the wearing away of the earth, such as rock or soil. If you live in a hilly region or an area with tremendous rainfall, over time water can wash away enough soil or rock to significantly affect the landscaping design.  Soil erosion is a concern because it reduces water quality, harms the aquatic habitat and can alter your landscaping. Retaining walls solve this problem by separating the soil from the moving water to prevent erosion and safeguard your landscaping.

Retaining walls have many benefits for any home or commercial property. They are beautiful structures that create additional usable space and protect your property from water damage and soil erosion. Landscaping not only makes your land more beautiful, but also increases the property value. Retaining walls help to protect your investment and prevent natural damages from occurring. For more information about our retaining wall services, click here. If you have any questions or need the help of an expert, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have been landscaping for over 30 years!

View our gallery to see a variety of beautiful retaining walls in the ‘Steps and Walls’ album.

Retaining Wall and Steps
Retaining Wall and Steps in Kinnelon NJ