Finishing Touch Landscaping offers many drainage solutions for your commercial or residential property:

  • Drywells
  • French Drains
  • Foundation Drains
  • Rain Water Storage Tanks

Drainage Solutions For Home and Yard

If ponding stormwater is a problem on your property, a dry well may be the solution. In a nutshell, a dry well is an storage chamber into which excess stormwater flows through a drainpipe, and then is allowed to seep down into the surrounding soil. You might see deceptively simple “how-to” articles on how to build a dry well yourself with a trash can, but this is a job best left to professionals. At Finishing Touch Landscaping, we know how to situate, size and install your dry well so that it is safe and effective and you never have to think about it again.


Foundation Drains – An Elegant Solution to A Common Problem

Newer homes are often built with foundation drains – also called curtain drains — to keep water from seeping into the basement through the foundation. It’s rare, however, to find an older home with a foundation drain. This consists of perforated piping that runs around the foundation to a drainpipe that slopes down away from the house, carrying water to a location where it can be allowed to drain naturally into the surrounding soil. Putting in a foundation drain around an existing home can be a tricky job, but Finishing Touch Landscaping can tackle it for you from engineering its slope and location, to digging, installing pipe and backfilling the trench. If you have a chronic wet-basement problem, a foundation drain may be a worthwhile investment.


French Drains Designed & Installed

Excess water collecting on your property may be the result of water running down a slop from neighboring properties. That kind of excess water can do more than make a mess of your landscaping – it can threaten the very integrity of your home’s foundation. One solution is to install a French drain – also called a trench drain, because that’s what it is. A French drain consists of a trench filled with gravel and other materials – and sometimes a perforated drainpipe – that carries the water down a slope we create so that it can percolate harmlessly into the soil as far from your home as possible. At Finishing Touch Landscaping, we know how to create a French drain that will serve the purpose with the minimum of disturbance to your property, and without dumping water onto your neighbor’s. It sounds simple, but laying a French drain requires some engineering knowledge. A Finishing Touch Landscaping expert will be able to determine how big of a French drain you need, and where it should be located, and then we handle all the permits, digging and hauling to get the job done right.

Rainwater storage tanks – The Environmentally Friendly Choice for Green Landscape Artists

You can save money on water and be environmentally friendly by collecting rainwater for future use in yard work. Rainwater storage tanks are the way to do it. There are several types of rainwater storage tanks, and at Finishing Touch Landscaping, we can help you choose the one that will be most effective for your home and property.

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