services_ponds2Water features like ponds and waterfalls bring a special multisensory experience to your landscape. The soft gurgle and splash of a waterfall or fountain is soothing to the ears, and the sparkle and movement of the water pleases the eye. Add colorful fish to your pond, and the effect is dazzling.

It’s no simple matter, however, to build such structures so that they work effectively, stay beautiful and remain trouble-free over the long term. The experts at Finishing Touch Landscaping can design and install magnificent water features to work with your overall landscape for an exciting, yet natural look and lasting quality that will make you proud for many years.

Water Gardens and Ponds

For a larger yard, a pond or water garden could be a wonderful addition. You can grow aquatic plants and keep brightly colored goldfish or koi. You can have a little stream running through your yard through the pond, and even a waterfall.

You could try to create a pond yourself, but the experts at Finishing Touch Landscaping know all of the variables to consider and how best to plan and arrange for a healthy, beautiful pond or water garden. Size, depth, proper lining, filtration, pumps and skimmers, the right arrangement of surrounding stone for the natural or manicured look you desire, and the proper mix of chemicals and natural healthy bacteria are all important factors that could make or break your pond or water garden.



A softly splashing waterfall gurgles and sparkles, and adds tremendously to the overall feel of your yard. Whether it falls into your pool, a pond or an underground basin, a waterfall can be a constant source of enjoyment. A waterfall can be tall or small, narrow or wide, straight or skipping. Designing and building a waterfall so that it always works is a bit of a big job. Allow the experts at Finishing Touch Landscaping to create the waterfall of your dreams.


Flanked by pleasant benches or straddled by a lovely little bridge, a stream running across your yard adds interest to your landscape. You can create a stream where there was none. Making it look natural and getting it to flow rather than lie stagnant (then it just becomes a ditch) requires careful planning and proper construction. Tap into the expertise of the designers and builders at Finishing Touch Landscaping to add to your yard the stream that nature didn’t provide, but that you’ll love.


From a simple bubbling basin to a magnificent piece of statuary, the possibilities for fountains in your yard are much more varied than you may realize. You can even have one that seems to disappear into the ground itself. It’s easy to make mistakes trying to set fountains up so that they run steadily and cleanly. Allow the experts at Finishing Touch Landscaping to help you choose the fountain that will best complement your tastes and the overall look of your property, and then to install it so that it works and you never have to think about it – you just sit back and enjoy the sound and sparkle.

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