services_hardscapes2 (1)Add to the personality of your home by giving your family and guests a pleasant place to gather and stroll outside. Create a beautiful sweep of patio – perhaps with a firepit or an outdoor cooking area – enhanced by lovely plantings and lighting. Give everybody easy access to your backyard oasis by installing meandering walkways and steps that harmonize with your patio. Unify the overall look of your home’s exterior by blending together your front and rear hardscapes using similar materials and patterns.

At Finishing Touch Landscaping, we have experts on staff who can show you the myriad possibilities for the layout and materials of your patio and walkways. Whether you’re replacing your boring old concrete patio or creating a new one, Finishing Touch Landscaping can design and install it so that it stays structurally sound, weed-free and inviting for decades.

  • Patios, Steps, and Walkways
  • Retaining Walls
  • Old World Hand Tooled Stonework
  • Boulder Walls
  • Natural Stone Driveways
  • Pavers

Retaining Wall Design & Construction

services_hardscapes1 (1)Retaining walls can be both functional and beautiful. You can use them to control problems with drainage or a steep slope. When they’re laid out and designed properly, retaining walls control the flow of water away from your home, thus preventing flooding and erosion. You can use a retaining wall structurally to hold back tons of earth, allowing you to create a landscape at the foot of the wall. For decorative purposes, you can create terraces to highlight your plantings or create raised flowerbeds. The experts at Finishing Touch Landscaping can show you the many creative ways in which you can use retaining walls on your property, and then build them properly so you can be confident in their integrity and longevity.

Traditional Stone Craftsmanship and Modern Construction Techniques Combine in Stylish Hardscaping Designs

Whether it’s a walkway or a wall, or maybe an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, nothing imbues a hardscape with character like old-world hand-tooled stonework. Stonework is intended to be enduring: you can put it in place now and expect your descendants to be enjoying it a hundred years from now. Finishing Touch Landscaping artisans carefully select every stone and shape it to fit where it will be strongest and most beautiful in any application. This is an ancient art and science, and not many people really know how to do it anymore. If you’ve ever admired an old stone wall, now you know it’s still possible to have that kind of old-world beauty and strength on your twenty-first century American property.

For expert hardscape design, and construction services that combine modern and traditional hardscaping methods to reflect your personal style, call Finishing Touch. Our growing service area currently includes: Allendale, Bloomingdale, Boonton, Boonton Township, Butler, Franklin Lakes, Kinnelon, Lincoln Park, Mahwah, Montville, Mountain Lakes, North Caldwell, Pequannock, Morristown, Pompton Plains, Ramsey, Ridgewood, Saddle River, Towaco, Upper Saddle River and Wyckoff. Call (973) 492-0016