Storm Cleanup and Lawn Renovations


In the recent aftermath of Hurricane Irene many yards were filled with fallen trees and debris. After any large storm or natural disaster home owners and businesses often experience damage to their landscaping. At Finishing Touch Landscaping we specialize in lawn renovations after storms.
Tips on Getting Started
If you have a lot of debris around your yard take pictures of the damages before attempting to clean anything for insurance purposes. While you’re walking around the yard be diligent about spotting any power lines that have fallen down or hanging branches. Please be careful and refrain from using tools that you are unfamiliar with during the cleanup process. Certain items, like fallen trees or hanging branches we recommend leaving to landscaping professionals.

Broken Branches
If your trees have been damaged during a storm due to lightening or wind, tree removal experts can help determine the best solution. If the tree is still alive, then minimal pruning of select branches may be enough to keep your tree healthy and your yard safe.

Fallen or Dead Trees
If the tree has been damaged beyond repair then it should be removed. The easiest method of removal involves trees that have enough space to fall safely without hitting anything. If a damaged tree is close to your property or any power lines then more careful methods of removal are necessary. Typically a tree climber will cut off branches one-by-one and use rope to guide them to the ground as they fall. Once the branches have been removed then sections of the trunk are cut down until the tree is small enough to safely fall to the ground.

Stump Grinding
After the tree has been cut down, we can use a stump grinder to remove the tree stump and the underground root segments. The stump grinder is a mechanical method that turns the wood into sawdust and produces minimal to no damage in the immediate surrounding area. This will not only remove an unsightly stump but also make additional landscaping and plantings possible. Stumps that are left unattended are susceptible to diseases.

Retouching Landscaping
It is not uncommon for landscaping to be damaged in severe storms. We can retouch landscaping and make it look even better than before. If there was heavy rainfall re-mulching and/or re-sodding my be necessary, flowers may need to be replanted and so on.

For more information about our lawn renovations after a storm click here. If you have any questions or need the help of an expert, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have been landscaping for over 30 years!