Landscape Construction, Patios, Retaining Walls, Outdoor Kitchen, and Water Features


As the winter becomes nothing more than a memory, you can greet Spring and Summer with energy and excitement. There is no more cabin fever to worry about, and now is the time for you to take your parties and excitement outside. Is your home prepared for the events you are planning for the outdoors? Here are some fun things that you can add to your home to make those outdoor even better:

1)    Patio

Whether you are looking for simple elegance or something a little more extravagant, a patio is the perfect fixture of an outside gathering. It creates  the perfect place to stand, sit, and relax as you gaze out at the besutiful scenery that is your property.

2)    Retaining Wall

Not only does it serve functional purposes for proper draining, it also gives a majestic look to your property. Adding levels to a steep slope with make you feel like you are living in the gardens of Babylon.

3)    Outdoor Kitchen

The worst part of hosting a party is leaving the party to prepare the food. No one wants to stand inside while everyone else is enjoying the great weather of the outdoors. Enjoy the outdoors all hours of the day- even when you are cooking- with an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect fixture to any home.

4)    Water Features

The most calming sound to the human ear is the sound of running water. Many people buy CDs just to hear the relaxing sound of waterfalls or rain. Why not just add the water to your own backyard so you can have constant relaxation. When coming home from a stressful day, nothing is more inviting than the beautiful sight of a pond and the sound of cascading water as it eases you into a perfect mood.

The winter brought cozy nights inside, but too much of a good thing can drive anyone crazy. It is time to take your sanity back. With any one of these brilliant features, you can easily cure your cabin fever and take your rightful place in the outdoors. For more information, call our professional team at Finishing Touch Landscape Construction by contacting us online, or calling (973)-492-0016