Safety first when it comes to planning a landscape construction job


According to OSHA, many of the accidents that happen on the job are a direct result of poor planning. This is an important aspect of landscape design, as there are many instances where injury can occur. For this reason it is extremely crucial that you work with a professional who strictly complies with OSHA guidelines.

  • Each company must supply their employees with a data sheet for every chemical that they work with. This sheet is important for the ingredient list, which will be needed if a chemical reaction occurs.
  • Safe lifting practices need to be applied when working on walkways, patios, water fountains or other outdoor structures.
  • Landscaping professionals must keep a distance of ten feet from any power lines
  • Continuing education is key in landscape safety, so look for a company with many certifications.
  • The landscaping company should conduct short, frequent training sessions that will teach employees new safety information.
  • Each individual landscaper must possess and outfit themselves in adequate protective gear

Complete OSHA guidelines can be read on Finishing Touch Landscape Construction believes in continuing the education of their professional staff regularly; and adheres strictly to OSHA guidelines.