Deer Proofing a Garden



Maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden is a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, all of that hard work will go to waste if the plants become a snack for a hungry deer. Finishing Touch Landscape Construction can prevent this issue by encouraging these animals to steer clear of your yard in the future.

Deer are herbivores that will happily chow down on a variety of plants, including the flowers and other lovely vegetation that people often plant around their homes. When their natural habitats are disrupted or destroyed by human settlements, deer often wander into back yards and gardens in search of food. If these creatures stop by your yard on a regular basis, they can turn your immaculate landscaping into a half-eaten mess. They may be lovely to look at, but getting rid of deer is the only way to maintain the visual appeal of your property.

Deer proofing your yard is the most effective way to keep these animals away from your plants. Finishing Touch Landscape Construction uses humane techniques to get the job done, and these techniques can actually make your yard look better. From chives to chrysanthemums, there are a number of useful and attractive plants that deer simply can’t stand. A garden full of these plants will be less likely to become a meal. Putting up physical barriers is another tried and true deer proofing measure. When setting up fencing around an area, Finishing Touch makes sure that it matches the overall aesthetic of the landscaping.

Finishing Touch Landscape Construction is a full-service landscaping company that works with clients throughout Morris County and Passaic County. If you live in the area and are interested in deer proofing your property, contact Finishing Touch for assistance. Once your yard is protected by deer-proof fencing and plants, the deer will have to look elsewhere for an easy meal.