Spring Cleanup and Mulching in Northern NJ



This was one of the harshest winters we have had in a long time. The invasion of snow and cold weather has done a number on your gardens and surrounding landscape, and now is the time to take back control. If done properly, you can set yourself up right in the beginning, so that you aren’t fighting a losing battle come summer. Things like weeds and insects are now on their way, so take this time to make sure the battle ground is on terrain that you can win in. Think of these things now, before it becomes too late:

1)    Spring Cleanup:

After the snow melts, and the robins find their way back to their northern home, your yard is most likely going to look a mess. Dead leaves, broken limbs on trees and bushes, areas of mud, and many other landscape travesties are awaiting you. No matter how devastating your yard may look, we are here to help bring it back to life. We will use our green thumbs to nourish life back into your ravished lawn.

2)    Mulching:

Not only does it cut down significantly on weeds, but a proper mulching job gives a very clean look to your yard and garden. Though it can be very tedious, and only a professional knows which type of mulch to use, and how much to use, it is a necessity towards a healthy yard this summer. If done early enough, you will find the amount of summer weeds that you have to deal with is quite diminished.

Everyone is looking forward to the end of this winter, but they may not be looking forward to the mess they are going to have to work with when it comes to their lawn. That is why we are here. Our passion for landscape allows us to do all the dirty work this spring, so that you can enjoy the beautiful sights of your landscape this year. For more information, call our professional team at Finishing Touch Landscape Construction by contacting us online, or calling (973)-492-0016