Seeding and Aerating your Lawn


Your lawn is good to you. It gives you a soft place to lay and look at the stars. It gives a safe place for your children to play. It spotlights your home with grace and elegance. Though it does all these things and more, this winter has been very harsh towards that lawn which benefits you in so many ways. It is time to breathe new life into your suffering lawn. Here are two things that can be done to rejuvenate your beautiful lawn:

1)    Seeding:

Though you lawn was full and plush last year, the constant snow coverage has more than likely left some areas a little barren. You may have areas that are now quite thin, and you may even have a few large patches of dirt where grass once was. Not only is seeding a necessity, but the right seeds and the proper amount of spreading make all the difference. You want to make sure your lawn is even and full. You not only want to recreate what your lawn once was, you want to make it better.

2)    Aeration:

Aeration is the process of air exchange between your soil and the surrounding atmosphere. Though it may sound complicated, a professional will have no issues with this process It is done so as to benefit:

–       Enhanced soil water uptake

–       Improved fertilizer uptake and use

–       Improved cushioning and resiliency

–       Reduced soil complication

–       Reduced water runoff and pudding

To maintain a beautiful yard, aeration is a necessity. When done at the right time of year, your yard will grow strong and plush through the year.

You don’t have to look out to your yard with memories of what it once was. You want to look out to the beauty that it can and will be. With the proper seeding and aeration, you will have the lawn that all your neighbors are jealous of. For more information, call our professional team at Finishing Touch Landscape Construction by contacting us online, or calling (973)-492-0016